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At Lakeshore Surgery Center, we make every effort to create an environment conducive to excellence and high quality in the overall management of the patient, taking into account process as well as outcome, by providing our services in a highly personalized manner, by using the most current therapeutic modalities available and by striving for the highest quality standards achievable. Our Mission Our Location

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To provide quality, affordable healthcare in a comfortable atmosphere. The friendly, highly trained staff of physicians and nurses is available to address your needs. We always maintain a professional and confidential relationship. Our equipment and facilities remain state-of-the-art. The center is fully licensed by the State of Illinois. Se Habla Espanol. Mowimy Po Polsku.

Types of Procedures We Do

Lakeshore is a freestanding Ambulatory Surgery Center dedicated to the delivery of care to patients in need of outpatient surgical services.
Pain Management
Disclaimer: Lakeshore Surgery Center and it’s related entities, provide health care services to patients at the surgery center in compliance with the applicable regulations. Patients who pay “out-of-pocket” and self-pay for their surgery at the surgery center should be aware that any out-of-pocket payments,including cash payments, made by the patient to the surgery center only includes payment for the surgery at the surgery center and basic testing related to the patient’s surgery. Out-of-pocket payments made by the patient to the surgery center do not include: payment for any specialized testing(i.e., cancer screening and testing): any laboratory services; or any subsequent hospitalization due to any complications from the patients’s surgery. Lakeshore Surgery Center and it’s related entities, are committed to providing the highest quality patient care and services at the surgery center regardless of payor source, including out-of-pocket and cash payments made by patients.